In 2007, prior to leaving the military, I was looking for a hobby to keep me busy after retirement.  I began doing free bee removals in the San Antonio, TX area.  Over the years as I continued to work hourly jobs trying to find the right fit, removals continued.  I had more hives on hand and began selling honey and beeswax at local craft fairs and county markets.  In 2014 I made it official and opened Pop's Honey Pot LLC. I continued doing local craft shows until fall 2015  where I was approached to be a vendor at Bullock's Earth N Art in Stonewall, TX. Needless to say the move to the Hill Country began expanding the business at a steady pace.

While growing up, my daughter Ashley and her friends would
call me POPS. When I would talk to people about the honey
business they would frequently comment that they
remembered when their grandfather or a great uncle had raised bees.  It always seemed to generate pleasant memories of a happy time for them.  So the name POP's Honey Pot kind of stuck as a name eveyone could recognize and relate to.


We provide 100% natural Texas wildflower honey to meet an increasing demand for natural, organic and healthy products. Our flavor infused honeys are made using either herbs or essential oils.  There are no artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup or other products added to our honey.  We do not pasteurize or filter out all the pollens and naturally occurring beneficial properties.